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Helping the everyday person overcome barriers, limitations and fears to achieve optimal fitness.

St Peters, Sydney

About us

Primal started in 2012 as an alternative fitness facility to larger commercial gyms. We are here for individuals who prefer a more personalised approach to training. A place where you can also be yourself, learn life long skills and form meaningful friendships.

Our purpose is to help the everyday person overcome barriers, limitations and fears to achieve optimal fitness. Over the years, Primal has evolved to help individuals improve through our specialised services that focus on time efficient training, technique focused sessions and an environment that is welcoming, encouraging and accepting.

We are about quality over quantity, long term gains over quick fixes, sustainable progress over perfection, purposeful over randomised training. The aim is to get you to function optimally, to move better, feel more energised, and have more confidence in yourself.

All Primal sessions are suitable for every level and beginners are most welcome.

How members describe us: 

“Encouraging & motivating”

“Progress driven”

“Team focus”

“Technique emphasis”

“Community feel”

“Diverse and accepting”

“Suitable for beginners”

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Primal’s core values

Our core values define who we are and enables us to focus on our purpose on a daily basis.

Purposeful training 

Training with purpose: this is essentially “knowing” why you train, the reason(s) for your fitness journey. Having long term goals and milestones beyond superficial needs to work towards consistently, will help you stay true to your intentions and to get the most out of your sessions. We focus on training methods, exercises and movements that have high carry over to everyday living.

Correct lifting techniques

“Technique is King”. This means that doing an exercise or movement correctly is the top priority. The ensures safety and getting the most benefits out of it. Learn correct techniques for complex movements which you can transfer to eyeryday living. Our high coach to trainee ratio means you get the proper attention in technique correction when needed.

Sustainable Progress

Focus on the continuous journey rather than end results. This is based on regular commitment to classes and striving to better yourself physically and mentally each day. Monthly goal outcomes to keep you accountable. Aim for progress over perfection. Many small wins consistently will create significant, sustainable progress. Check-ins with your coach to monitor your progress

Mindset development and education 

Focus on the things that matter most; discipline, consistency, effort and a can do attitude. Your coaches’ go beyond instructions, they will help you understand WHY you are doing a particular action, exercise or movement. This goes beyond a “see, copy and do without understanding” approach to training. When you understand why you are doing or should not be doing something, you are more likely to experience the benefits of the action. This approach applies to all areas of your training. 

Inclusive and encouraging community

Develop long lasting relationships with like minded individuals. We are all about supporting and encouraging one another through comradeship. Everyone is accepted and welcomed in an environment catered to a diverse community. Primal is a supporter of the Inner-west local community and various Australian NGO groups.

Healthy lifestyle choices

Learn to make better choices in your day to day living. This includes strategies to improve your daily nutitional intake, to stay more active and to reconnect with your environment. It’s about making small but progressive changes to your day to day living. These small and sustainable changes will culminate into big changes. Your coaches will help you strategise a practical plan to suited to your lifestyle needs.

No lock in contracts, cancel anytime;

Pay as you go;

No joining or other fees;

Put on unlimited pause at no charge;

Membership fee remains the same for it’s lifetime;

Special rates for civil servants and selected industry employees.


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Group Fitness Classes

Our classes are designed to challenge anyone regardless of fitness levels. Classes are designed on a monthly cycle to improve your strength, endurance and to help you move better. Sessions are focused on complex movements using a variety of equipment including barbells, kettle bells, sandbags and weighted balls. Proper lifting technique is paramount and your coach will ensure you get the most out of your sessions

personal training sydney inner west

Personal Training

Because everybody is different, some of us may require additional help. PT is suitable for you if you require a more individualised approached to training. Our fully qualified and registered coaches will work with you to develop and attain goals, motivate and coach you on a weekly basis. Members whom undertake PT in conjunction will classes often find that they stay motivated and maintain results longer .

inner west semi private person training

Semi Private Personal Training

Semi Private PT is suitable if you are looking for a cost effective way to train whilst still getting individualised programs. Semi-Private sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 trainee. Each trainee will follow his or her program under the supervision of a coach. There may be partner or group work involved. Each trainee also has a customised nutritional plan to develop long term healthy eating habits.

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Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition coaching is available for members with Standard Memberships. This customised program is developed to help members especially with weight management goals. The program is delivered online for 52 weeks with weekly check ins online or in person with your coach. This program is designed to help trainnes develop long term sustainable eating habits that compliment their training regime. 

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Group Classes

Our classes involved strength training, endurance development, mobility and flexibility work to imrpove movement patterns and functional lifting to ensure carry over to daily applications. All classes are instructed by Australian qualified coaches and can be adjusted to suit individual needs. All classes are suitable for beginners.


A technical class focusing on foundational lifting to build awesome total body strength. Feel stronger and more energised as you build strength progressively in a challenging way. Learn the correct lifting techniques using Barbells, Weighted Balls, Sandbags as well as functional body weight movements. A great all round 45 minutes session to develop functional strength that can be applied to daily living. 


Endurance classes are designed to improve your cardiovascular and muscular endurance capabilities. Think about being able to go the distance without running out of gas. Endurance classes are structured to have minimal rest periods to sustain a high heart rate. 

A typical session will focus on full bodyweight movements that target mobility, coordination and stamina. Most sessions use minimal equipment and involves some form of cardiovascular exercises such as skipping, running or rowing. Common formats include Interval Training, HIIT and Tabata. Sessions can be adjusted to accommodate all fitness levels. 


FIT classes are a hybrid of Strength and Endurance. These 45 minutes sessions are designed to challenge your strength and cardiovascular capabilities. A typical sessions would include bodyweight exercises, technical resistance lifting and endurance type activity such as running or skipping. There are plenty of opportunities for partner and group work. Sessions are generally structured in a interval, circuit or timed fashion. FIT classes are designed to be intense but can be adjusted to suit individual levels. Suitable for beginners.

Strong A.F

A strength based session focusing on traditional Strongman lifts. The primary purpose of this session is to develop functional total body strength in a progressive manner. A typical session may include heavy Farmers walks, Deadball exercises, barbell exercises, Sleds, Car pushes and heavy rope work. Suitable for all fitness levels. 

Tech Boxing

Partner Pad-work with combinations. Learn the correct techniques for basic punches, body movements and combinations. A great cardiovascular session that also challenges your coordination, speed and reflexes. Tech Boxing is great for individuals wanting a high intensity session different from traditional cardio style training.


A high intensity outdoor class focusing on bodyweight and cardiovascular movements. Perfect for those wanting a challenging full body sessions with variety and partner work. This 60 minutes sessions involves plenty of partner and group work using minimal equipment. A typical session includes dynamic bodyweight exercises, sprints, agility drills and creative team games that target the whole body. Sessions can be adjusted to accommodate participants of all fitness levels.

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Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
06:15 – 07:00 Strength Endurance Fit Strength Endurance
07:00 – 07:45 Strength Outdoor session Fit Strength Endurance
08:00 – 08:45 Semi-Private Semi-Private Fit/Semi-Private
09:00 – 09:45 Fit
16:15 – 17:00 Semi-Private Semi-Private Semi-Private Semi-Private 17:00 – 18:00 Strong A.F
17:15 – 18:00 Strength Endurance Fit Strength Strong A.F
18:15 – 19:00 Strength Endurance       Fit/Outdoor session Strength 18:00 – 19:00    Tech Boxing
19:00 – 19:45 Strength Tech Boxing Fit Strength Closed
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